The discovery of the body of San Marco

Great Tintoretto canvas from Brera

1990. The entrance hall of the workshop with various works by important authors in work: Guercino, Veronese, Bassano, Sebastiano Ricci, Vasari, Gaspard Dughet, Jan Fyt... In the centre, the large canvas with the discovery of the body of San Marco by Tintoretto from Brera. The studies and analyses carried out during this fascinating restoration have recorded very interesting data: the presence of numerous compositional variations and significant repentances of the artist, a detailed preparatory drawing, drawn first in ink directly on the canvas, with the figures set before nude and subsequently dressed and an elaborate study of perspective whose vanishing point lies in the palm of the raised hand of San Marco.

For further information: Rosalba Tardito, Anna Rosa Nicola Pisano, Guido Roberto Arosio, GM Zuccotti, G. Conti, Antonietta Gallone - Il miracolo di San Marco del Tintoretto. Vicende e restauri – curato da Rosalba Tardito Amerio - Ed. Cantini - Borgo Santa Croce Firenze, 1990

Manual skills, technology and science in an artisan restoration workshop

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