Restoration of the triptyque by Bartolomeo Bermejo

An important landmark for Nicola's workshop

1986. Restoration of the triptyque by Bartolomeo Bermejo (1495), preserved in the Cathedral of Acqui Terme. The restoration of this painting marked an important event for the laboratory. A massive old repainting had utterly transformed the figure of the donor. Thanks to an innovative (for those years) Vidicon device for IR Reflectography made available by the Politecnico of Milan, the image of the original underlying could be seen. It was high emotion. After extended reflections considering the extraordinary quality of the original, the Government Department for Cultural Heritage decided to remove the repaint, which was done not to compensate for damage, but for a change in taste. A few months later the laboratory bought the same equipment for IR Reflectography from Japan.

For further information: Guido Nicola, Gian Luigi Nicola, Anna Rosa Nicola Pisano, Nicola Pisano, Guido Roberto Arosio "Analisi scientifica del restauro del trittico di Bartolomè Bermeio" et al. Bartolomè Berme e il trittico di Acqui - Ed. L'Ancora - Acqui Terme, dicembre 1987

Manual skills, technology and science in an artisan restoration workshop

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